Original mecha

Before anyone asks about OVAs I and II, they’re both recaps and Ametuchi didn’t want to translate them (all I remember of them was a skit with Gablae in drag). OVA III on the other hand, is a sidestory type thing. It’s set some point in the first half of the series, and is mainly focussed on Leccee. As in there is a lot of pandering to Daba-Leccee shippers. Plot itself involves family duty, HMs designed in a competition, 80s Basara and probably the most unfortunatly named mecha for some time.


And as an extra, have the soundtrack for this OVA


Also as a side thing, it’s almost the 4th anniversary of /m/subs being founded. (Anniversary is the 27th)


22 Responses to “L-Gaim OVA III”

  1. djmasturbeat Says:

    sweet, thanks for doing this and sharing the ost, too.

    happy anniversary, /m/en

  2. Goh Mifune Says:


  3. hazamakuro Says:

    Happy birthdayyy to youuu…

  4. kudosforce Says:

    Happy anniversary to you guys! I hope that you will last a bit longer.

  5. Willpower Says:

    Happy anniversary 🙂

  6. Ken Says:

    Happy birthday.

  7. Chris Says:


  8. saintelle Says:

    For anyone interested, there’s an HK sub version of the L-Gaim OVAs 1+2 on Bakabt (they’re really not very good tho–and the subtitles aren’t the real problem). Love L-Gaim– thanks!

  9. Hyper Shinchan Says:

    > (all I remember of them was a skit with Gablae in drag)
    How could you forget Lecee vs Amu pro-wresting match!? Jokes aside, did you consider subbing those two small sequences after the ending song just for the lulz? Thanks a lot for subbing this OVA anyway, I’ve been looking forward to it.

  10. Jacopo Says:

    Any news? 😦 Layzner? 😦

    • Anonymous Says:

      missing in action. lost forever. /m/ subs got bored of it. real life. got a job. non gliene frega più un ghez.

  11. Stanley Says:

    Neither download appears to be working properly.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    any chance of reupload of this OVA thank you mega folder not working

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Is there another mega folder for L-Gaim? or at least the OVA 3?
    Thank You

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Thank You Very Much it’s very much appreciated

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hello any chance the OST can be re-uploaded? Thank You

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Can someone re-upload the DDL please?

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