Layzner 29

That wine is nowhere near the right colour.

That wine is nowhere near the right colour.

Here we have an episode that’s light on the mecha action and high on old-school quality. Though it is plot relevant, and manages to make an utter git of a character be even worse.



DDL is on the new mega because packupload’s been acting up. If you’re not on Chrome and it won’t let you download, try using JDownloader.

Also got hold of some DVD ISOs of the first half of the series (waiting on 2nd half to be uploaded). May have some rereleases of earlier eps made with slightly better raws. Though that’ll most likely be in a batch of some sort.


29 Responses to “Layzner 29”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!!!! I was waiting it!!! =D

  3. I_am_power Says:

    Thank you :_

  4. Pedruz Says:

    Finally my favourite show comes back on m.
    Thank you.

  5. Rikkan Says:


  6. Jacopo Says:

    I’m crying ;_;
    I was thinking you dropped the series. 😦

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, what a coincidence! I suddenly had the urge to watch Layzner, and here you are releasing a new episode!

    I’m wondering why this wasn’t announced on /m/, though. We need something new to discuss after all.

    • kudosforce Says:

      So glad to see that you guys are back on track for this. 😀 Only 9 episodes left! Hang in there!

      @Anonymous: WAS announced on /m/. You just need to search through earlier topic pages to see that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        huh, you’re right. I just didn’t see it in the catalog the first time I was looking through it.

        Nevertheless, awesome!

  8. Kellhus Says:

    I just finished Galient and I think I’m going to start watching this now.

  9. Chris Says:


  10. djmasturbeat Says:

    thanks so much for this

  11. Nanto Says:

    This was one of my all-time favorite Layzner episodes. It was really great to finally see it with English subtitles.

    Thanks to everyone involved with this project!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks you for yours job!! I wanna more Layzner!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hey great job. question r u gonna finish great mazinger?

  14. aellita Says:

    Hello, I migh be off topic here, but I want to ask you guys if you have the japanese subs (and I mean a subtitle that is in the japanese language) for Vifam 13?
    Thank you!

  15. Jacopo Says:

    Ep.30? 😦

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder when episode 30 released.

  17. Seth Says:

    Will you be re-releasing Layzner in Blu-ray when the BD box is out later this year?

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for your work for Layzner. I suggest another mecha anime to translate. AFAIK there is no translation available:
    Tokusou Kihei Dorvack

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