[mSubs-Omnitsu-classic] Goldran 15


Shiny Goldran

Well this was unexpected, very unexpected. It’s not often that a translator missing for over 2 years just waltzes into the IRC with a finished episode they released. Especially when you removed their blog access a week before because you assumed they weren’t ever coming back. So, anyways, enjoy.




DDL: Mega

Goldran 1-15 Batch


13 Responses to “[mSubs-Omnitsu-classic] Goldran 15”

  1. sliat Says:


  2. Luurah Says:


    Talk about a shot out at left field!

  3. gunlord500 Says:

    Holy shit, is that sasword?!? Is Sasword back?! I’s been so long!!! We need to tell him about all the progress we’ve made on Layzner and stuff ;_; And how’s he been doing?! I thought he was dead!!!!! ;____;

  4. Seth Says:

    Any chance of rereleasing the other 14?

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. kudosforce Says:


    Can’t say I saw THIS coming.

    At any rate, it’s nice to see Sasword back on the saddle! 🙂 There may yet be a little hope for this Brave entry to be finished, now.

  7. Zer-O Says:

    Holy Flying Titty Fuck, THANK YOU /M/ Onmitsu and anime classics!!!

  8. chirlind Says:

    …Still staring at disbelief. Time to put together those scripts. Hopeful again they’ll get finalized. Thank you very much, kudosforce and Zer-o and the rest, for sticking around.

  9. niction Says:

    Does this mean we will be getting the rest of Goldran???

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