Layzner 31


It't true though

This episode had a lot of behind the scenes issues and things going wrong with it. From the file randomly becoming completely unreadable due to deciding it was Japanese mid-line, through the translator being missing for 6 months, to being infested with timing gremlins that desynched lines when QC looked the other way. Thankfully notepad hijinks and determined QC solved 2 of those issues, and UK Windom volunteered as primary translator to help out. UK Windom has a long history with the Layzner project, as he was the timer on the first few episodes, which kinda says how long ago that was.
And wordpress ate my original post. Fun. Anything else gone wrong, complain in the comments.

Anyways, enough ranting, enjoy the giant robot bread and circuses.



4 Responses to “Layzner 31”

  1. gunlord500 Says:

    Omg, that’s a lot of snags! The sub ninjas really had it out for this ep, it seems. Glad ish finally done 😀

  2. djmasturbeat Says:


  3. Trot Says:

    Awesome thanx.

  4. LB Says:

    /drools at the thought of getting to watch this anime all the way through one day

    Keep up the good work guys! Don’t let those darn gremlins get to ya! Thank ye thank ye thank ye.

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