Dragonar 10 (and TL notes)

ITA-ENG subs

ITA-ENG subs

It’s been ages, my friends, but hot on the heels of our Layzner release, ol’ Gunlord is finally ready to show off what he and some friends have been working on for a while! Taking up where GARlock left off, here’s episode 10 of Metal Armor Dragonar. However, this isn’t just a translation from the Japanese. Since GARlock is gone, and all the other Japanese translators are busy, I thought that translating Dragonar from an easier language more closely related to English might be more efficient. As it happens, Yamato Video dubbed Dragonar in Italian some time back, complete with nice, pre-timed Italian subs ready for translation! Delighted, I bought the Italian DVDs and found some Italians to translate them to English. Lostmax did eps 10 and 11, while Gorgewall picks up from 12 onwards. Even better, our lovely Starseeker agreed to look over the Italian subs and check them against the Japanese, since it’s muuuuuch easier to translate Japanese when you have a timed script someone else translated, which is also *reasonably* faithful to the original. Some of the names (Kaine is Ken in the Italian) and jokes are different, but for the most part the dub is faithful to the spirit of the original. The ITA-ENG subs are in blue and white, the JPN-ENG subs are in yellow, like so:



So, without further ado, here are links to the DDL and torrent!

DDL on mega

Torrent on Nyaa

Okay, now it’s time for some TL notes! Everyone at /m/subs and /m/ says those are annoying and weeaboo-ish when put into the subs themselves, but being placed in a separate file or post is okay, and there are some interesting tidbits starseeker told me I wanna share.

1: As I said above, some of the names are changed. Ken (ITA) = Kaine (JPN), Maiyo (ITA) = Meio (JPN).

2: The Blue Falcon’s speech is *somewhat* different in Italian than in Japanese. He’s very polite and uses formal ‘Keigo’ in Japanese; this is absent in Italian–I’m not sure if Italian has very polite speech forms like Japanese does, or if they just didn’t translate it. Additionally, the Italians added some jokes here and there, like the “Siberian Boar” line above, which was absent in the Japanese. Gorge and I talked about this a little bit and I’ll discuss it more in the TL notes for a future episode, but the important thing is the humor is generally in spirit with that of the original Japanese.

3: The Italian and Japanese episode names are generally different–for instance, next episode is “In the Pyre of the Atmosphere” in Italian and “Burning Desire for Earth” in Japanese. I kept the episode title subs to match the Italian (since they show up physically on screen) but when a character in the Japanese audio says “Retsubou no Daichi” Starseeker and I translated the dialogue as what you hear.

starseeker edit: Here’s a torrent with the first 9 episodes that Garlock did.


8 Responses to “Dragonar 10 (and TL notes)”

  1. Kamo Says:

    Is there a good version of episodes 1-9 out there?

  2. gunlord500 Says:

    Reblogged this on Gunlord500 and commented:
    Something I’ve been working on~~~

  3. AJ Says:

    Got a problem. I torrented this an hour or so earlier, and switched it to JPN-ENG subtitles, but here’s the problem, I did switch to JPN-ENG, but I’m getting “Ken” instead of “Kaine,” and the “Siberian boar.”

  4. AJ Says:

    Sorry to send this again, but I forgot to say this:

    Got a problem. I torrented this an hour or so earlier, and switched it to JPN-ENG subtitles, but here’s the problem, I did switch to JPN-ENG, but I’m getting “Ken” instead of “Kaine,” and the “Siberian boar.” What do I do?

  5. Aerius11 Says:

    Can anyone seed the torrent with the first 9 episodes from Garlock? Trying to get my mecha stuff back after losing a HDD and so far there’s been no seeders for it. 😦

  6. Aerius11 Says:

    Thanks to whoever hopped on to seed it! ^_^

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