Raideen 25



After a good 2 years of finding anything to do but work on this, here’s a new Raideen episode.

Big thanks to the anon from 4chan who timed and did that rough crabstick sub for me to hack into something sensical and compare to my 2 year old notes for the first half of the ep (past me’s draft was bizzare), and to DLKfor volunteering to QC this mess after fighting off Layzner’s timing gremlins and discovering first hand how different Raideen is from Layzner in terms of script writing, and Luurah (sorry for forgetting to put you in the credits). This episode may be a little rough around the edges, but it’s out and when things calm down IRL I can release more eps.

So enjoy the double dose of stupidity where people don’t tell each other something really important and manage to forget basic training.


Previous episodes can be found here:
Mega folder


20 Responses to “Raideen 25”

  1. kudosforce Says:

    Man, this sure is the year of miracles.

    Thank you for pulling through, miss star! With any luck this series might actually be done soon.

  2. comment Says:

    Thanks Great Work

  3. Michele Simionato Says:

    I have been waiting to see Raideen for a loooong time. Please keep this work going!

  4. Nicholas Cardwell Says:

    Holy cats!!!! Raideen……This is now one of my favorite Super Robot shows I’ve seen from the Seventies…Thank you so much for doing such a good sub on such an awesome show….you guys are amazing!!!!

  5. Zack Ryan Says:

    Amazing! Thank you!

  6. N/A Says:

    starseeker hows episode 26 been coming along?

  7. Roberto Bonilla Figueroa Says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for sharing this great anime, just one thing, some episodes does not include English subtitles, for example: episodes 13 and 14

  8. Roberto Bonilla Figueroa Says:

    My apologies, apparently I was using the wrong codec, now is perfect, thanks a lot for taking care.

  9. re Says:

    This is Yuusha Raideen sub Korean May be useful

  10. sara Says:

    this is Japanese subtitles for Raideen

  11. Patrick Says:

    So, will this project ever be completed? I love this series, but am pretty saddened that only half of it is available to watch for me, since I can’t watch raw.

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