[X-nebula-/m/subs] Baxinger 03



And here we have another episode of Baxinger, in which the plot begins to kick in, and the mandatory ineffective Earth government gets introduced.


TL notes I should probably have done earlier but forgot.

As previously stated, the setting is the Bakumatsu in space. This makes our team of lovable rogues based on the Shinsengumi, with their snazzy blue coats.

This means that the J9-II members are based on individual members.

Don Condor is based on Kondō Isami
Billy is Okita Souji
Stecken is Hijikata Toshizo
Sama is Harada Sanosuke
and Layla doesn’t have an equivalent.

The Domestic Bakouf is based on the Bakufu, aka the Tokugawa Shogunate

We also get introduced to a Saito this episode, who is based on Saito Hajime

Should be enough infodumping for one post.

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8 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Baxinger 03”

  1. gunlord500 Says:


  2. kyled Says:

    wow, you guys are on a roll with this already, this guy from X-Nebula is pretty awesome, and thanks starseeker ^^

  3. Nanto Says:

    Back in the 1980s, I remember reading a really good article in C/FO Magazine about the J9 shows. I was able to get a few grotty, n-th generation episodes of the three series in VHS trades back in the day, but actually getting to watch episodes with English subtitles is a dream come true. Thanks Crinn and Starseeker!

    • adubcheck67 Says:

      I must thank you for Sabu to Ichi too. It’s a great project from yours.
      I’m a huge Rintaro fan, so I need to ask you something,
      though it may sound a bit premature:
      do you and your team plan to sub “Wanpaku Tanteidan”,
      another early Rintaro show from the same times,
      sooner or later ?

  4. adubcheck67 Says:

    I really like this new drawing of the Baxinger team.
    Where can you find it ?

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