Layzner 33 & 34


Fire solves all problems

I was hoping to have these out for Christmas but stuff happened further down the chain of people. So enjoy these 2 episodes with the Terminator crew, and Gosterro proves he has some cockroaches in the family tree.

35 and 36 should be soonish, then there’ll be a slight gap until 37, 38 and the black sheep ep 25.




11 Responses to “Layzner 33 & 34”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. gunlord500 Says:

    Happy day~~~

  3. Project.Zeorymer™ Says:

    Sweet! 2 new eps… Thanks so much!

  4. Skriitka Says:

    Wow, this is wonderful, thank You so much!

  5. Cassius Says:

    My favourite series, THANK YOU /m/subs !!

  6. Sazam Says:

    Thank you /m/ subs !

  7. anon Says:


  8. kyled Says:

    Great, getting so close to completion! Thanks.

  9. Zack Ryan Says:

    You rock you rock you rock!

  10. DensetsuKyojinIdeon Says:


  11. basara549 Says:

    I really need to get caught up watching…
    What’s really weird is I went to torrent them, and something had deleted my torrent program (not uninstalled, but deleted – it was still showing in add/remove programs).

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