[Gaijin Butai] Toushou Daimos 11


Daimos on fire

From our new ‘Gaijin Butai’ division run by Shidoni, we bring you Toushou Daimos, a show about a karake robot in a Romeo and Juliet inspired tale with side characters including an afro samurai and a mini Daisy Duke.

DDLs for episodes 1-10 will be up when I can locate them are below, but for now here’s episode 11:


1-9 were by Grey Phantom, 10 is from Hanoki.



33 Responses to “[Gaijin Butai] Toushou Daimos 11”

  1. Somebody Says:

    Tosho Daimos eps:

    Eps 1 – 9


    Ep 10


  2. kudosforce Says:

    So nice to see the final entry of the Nagahama Trilogy being given justice at long last. I give my thanks and wish good luck to Shidoni and crew!

    ((By the way, on a semi-related note, how’s Astrapentagona doing on those Combattler OCRs?)

  3. Somebody Says:

    Tosho Daimos Eps 1 – 9:










    Ep 10:


    /m/subs post containing the above links:


  4. Karim Says:

    Nice To see such effort from you ,,,, hoped if you just though about it more earlier ,,,
    N.B: I did Finish it already Translated ,,, Yet It’ll be good to see it in your work
    Banzaaai msubs ^^

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I love you. You are the heroes of all who love 70s and 80s mechas.

    Thank you.

  6. Ryvius Says:

    Thank you! Been hoping this one would get picked up for awhile, looks awesome.

  7. kyled Says:

    I haven’t seen this yet, but always good to see more classic mecha getting picked up. Especially something that was dropped. Will check it out, thanks. ^^

  8. KonradS Says:

    Eagerly waiting for next episodes 🙂 Thank you!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for this project, but why is it that episode 10 has harcoded subs? =/

  11. Victor Says:

    Sadly that link for ep. 10 isn’t working. Anyone have another?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Another link for episode 10 will be very nice please.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Can you please update the link to episode 10? the link provided is not working.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of the series

  15. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Hello, thanks for translating this series’dialogues into english subs.
    I’m trying to do the same in French, so I’m waiting for your releases.
    Gambatte !

  16. mosca Says:

    please continue the project

  17. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Thanks for episode 11, I pray for this project to go all the way.
    Well, one more episode to translate into French, at last !

    Kind regards from Angers,
    Laurent Bauer

  18. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Nice image quality, too. Please continue to post videos in mkv, so I can extract the english subs in order to translate them.
    Thanks for everything.

  19. AtariMonk Says:

    Thank you very very much, please do work on remainig episodes.

  20. Richard Fornoles (@richardfornoles) Says:

    Hanoki continued from episodes 12 to 16. But the torrent is not active anymore. Can you reupload it?

  21. viperrr Says:

    Great Effort. Eagerly waiting for Episode 17 and more… :))

  22. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Can’t find Hanoki’s torrent for episodes 12-16.
    Could you update this post, please ?
    I miss Kazuya and Erika.

  23. frankrx2 Says:

    Thanks man…. you guys rocks!!!

  24. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Thanks for this V2 of episode 11.
    Does it mean you’re planning to release the following ones ?
    Laurent Bauer

  25. glock1979 Says:

    How about Episodes 17 – 44 subtitle? Any development Thanks

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you very much for giving this piece of art to many people who loved the mecha from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We’re waiting for the remaining ones. Thank you very much!

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