Ultraman Taro 01


Storium Beam!

I am proud to present /m/subs newest project- Oh come on look at the date already. This is a one-off I did for a lark.
Anyways, knowing you probably only read the first half of the previous sentence and will bitch in the comments for the next 4 years asking for more episodes, to explain:
Ultraman Taro is the 5th in the long running (50th anniversary next year) Ultra Franchise, in which giant alien beings of light that look suspiciously like people in rubber suits fight various monsters that also look suspiciously like people in rubber suits and model sets get set on fire. Taro is more of a light hearted comedy series in which almost no-one is particularly competant. Also as it was the 70s, the writers may have been on some interesting stuff.

For this release I’m obliged to thank Magenta for letting me use his translation of the theme song, Gunlord for not asking why I wanted this timed, and Ray for not knowing me for long enough to know to run when I say ‘I have a stupid idea and need an editor’.




Next Gyrozetter release should be 13th April +/- a few days, hoping to have weekly releases.


20 Responses to “Ultraman Taro 01”

  1. Seth (@ultrasandriders) Says:

    Yes, I will most likely be asking you for this for the next five years. Oops.

  2. Zer-O Says:

    the only thing I ask is this “seriously you guys be breathin?” nah not really, I’ll ask this though how was your guys down time?

  3. Specium Ray Says:

    When I try to play it in VLC, it says it doesn’t support WMV3. When I play it in Windows Media Player, there’s no subs.

    Is… is that the joke? Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Eddie Says:

    I dont mean to be a debbie downer here,but there might be some ultraman dvd sets coming out next year and taro is one of them
    read this article for more http://www.orendsrange.com/2013/12/ultraman-6-season-dvd-box-set-announced.html and also can you please reupload Kamen Rider X: Five Riders VS King Dark

    • starseeker Says:

      First I’ve heard of that, that news is over a year old.
      Unfortunatly I don’t have the Kamen Rider X stuff at all, would have to ask around.

  5. subutai Says:

    and daimos

  6. DaiMomotar Says:

    Aww man I was truly April Fooled by this. Ive been waiting soooo long to find this. You gotta do one a month or something…..

  7. RickRicholas Says:

    I hope you will continue this because sometimes it’s rare to have an Ultra Series to be subbed english and bless for you (Y)

  8. Ultrafans Says:

    please continue sub this ><

  9. Mauro Agnoli Says:

    Please sub this series

  10. Axel Christopher| AcD08 Says:

    Where you get the raw?

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