Gyrozetter 33


[mSubs] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 33 [1422678E].mkv_snapshot_03.45_[2015.04.13_15.58.06]

I did say I’d be releasing new eps of this starting from the 13th didn’t I. Assuming things do not go horrifically wrong (and seeing as we have rough scripts of the whole series that limits it a bit), the rest of the series should be weekly releases.

Anyway, back to this episode. This time, our team of kid heroes take a trip to Osaka, with all its related stereotypes of food and blatant commercialism.


References explained below the cut because there’s a lot of them.

The idol group in this episode ‘Momojiri Spirits Z’ are based on the group Momoiro Clover Z. You may have heard some of their songs. Yes that last one did involve Kiss.

Foods of this ep. It was decided that since food dishes are not always translatable, that anything with a Wikipedia article would get put in italics with an explanation. Also because ‘deep-fried skewered meat’ plays hell with line lengths.

Takoyaki: Battered deep fried octopus balls.
Okonomiyaki: A sort of pancake but filled with a variety of ingredients.
Udon: Thick wheat noodles in a broth.
Kushikatsu: Skewers of meat that are then deep fried.
The fried Gyrozetters they serve seem to be based on taiyaki, which is like a pancake but filled with sweetened red or white bean paste.
Manju: Sort of like a cake filled with red bean paste.

That should be everything, if anything’s missing feel free to say so in the comments.


5 Responses to “Gyrozetter 33”

  1. Tsunayoshi Sawada Says:

    Ive been depressingly waiting for this!

  2. vpirate65 Says:

    Stop this project cuz japanese goverment will konsatsu suru

  3. kyled Says:

    always look forward to seeing more releases of anything msubs puts out, thanks!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    No mention of Joshiraku? Oh well.
    Great episode, thanks for the hard work

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