Gyrozetter 34


[mSubs] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 34 [0BD45758].mkv_snapshot_18.47_[2015.04.19_22.55.00]

This ep is for all you Haruka and Shunsuke shippers out there. Also no-one looks their proper age in this show. Reminder that Shunsuke is supposed to be 14, same as Haruka, Michie is 13, Kakeru and Rinne are 11, and Touma is 25.

Sole note for this episode:
Yatsuhashi is a sort of cinnamon cookie from Kyoto. Can be sold unbaked/raw.



2 Responses to “Gyrozetter 34”

  1. Raey Says:

    Just watched 34 and 35, thanks a lot for continuing this XD
    And yes as a Haruka x Shinsuke shipper Im really happy seeing this episode, so full of Haruka ❤
    I cant wait to see what happens to them next…

  2. Jerz Says:

    Please fix and make a v2 patch for Gyrozetter 34, the elapsed time of Gyrozetter 34 is “3:53:12”

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