Dragonar 13 – Shooting Star


Dragonar team



Happy day! Dragonar is NOT dead, my friends! It’s been quiescent for quite a while, certainly, but it’s time to pick things back up! Some things to note:

1: Sorry it’s been taking so long, but I have been super busy IRL ;_; I’ve had to take orals exams for grad school! I’ve written about my travails here:



Well, as you can tell from that last entry, I managed to pass! Woo-hoo! And what this means for you, brothers and sisters, is that I can get started on Dragonar again. 😀 😀 😀

2: Brought up by an anon from /m/, this time I have the Japanese sub and audio set to the default 😀 You can switch to Italian audio and subs easy enough, though.

3: On that note, a brief translation thing: The song Kaine sings near the end of the episode is a Japanese rendition of an English poem (“Dreaming of Home and Mother”). The weirdest thing, though, is that they didn’t even try to dub it in Italian. In the Italian audio track, he just starts singing Japanese when he was speaking Italian a second ago! So yeah, that’s pretty weird. Anyways, from Gorge’s notes, the Italian translation is more literal, while Starseeker chose to translate the Japanese to keep it closer to the original English poem. Man, so much cross language weirdness…

Anyways, that about does it for today. I end this entry with one request: Does anybody have Japanese closed captions for Dragonar? I’d heard GARlock had them, but I emailed Garlock and he never responded. I wonder if he’s still around…;-; If anybody has Japanese closed captions for Metal Armor Dragonar, can you PLEASE tell me? It would make things soooo much easier! ;_;


4 Responses to “Dragonar 13 – Shooting Star”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great stuff ❤

  2. kyled Says:

    Hey thanks for keeping with the project, Real life takes priority of course so take your time, its supposed to just be a fun hobby anyway. Hopefully Dragonar will get complete subtitles some day but no hurry.

    I’m always happy to see pretty much any classic mechas get fansub attention. ^^

  3. TRONZO Says:

    Is it not possible to use the original japanese source ? I checked japanese rips and the audio is by far superior, video is 23.976fps and there’s the real animated title on the screen and not some custom europen or whatever made.

  4. vyselegendaire Says:

    The DLL and the torrent are down for this ep…. ;0

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