Gyrozetter 36


[mSubs] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 36 [1318E948].mkv_snapshot_20.42_[2015.05.04_14.25.44]

Cats and hotsprings are cool, so what happens if we combine them? Also dancing to your own show’s ending theme…

Also so much typsetting, I apologise for it not being top end anime fansub quality.


Notes for the ep:
Hot Spring Manju/Onsen Manju: Steamed bun filled with red bean paste
Hot Springs Egg/Onsen Tamago: An egg soft boiled in the hot springs.
The ‘feast’ is a pun on ‘Cat Rice’ and ‘Meal of things cats like’.


One Response to “Gyrozetter 36”

  1. Dan Says:

    Psyched to see Gyrozetter get picked back up! Thanks for the hard work.

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