Gyrozetter 37


Drifting time

I’m surprised it took a show about CG cars this long to make references to the most famous show with badly rendered CG cars, otherwise known as Initial D, seriously there’s a white Sprinter Trueno driven by a tofu delivery driver (the car and profession of the Initial D protagonist). The text on the side of that car says ’86 Tofu Shop’, because yet more reference, though there wasn’t any Eurobeat, which was a shame.
Anyways, enough about me ranting about Initial D, enjoy the episode.



3 Responses to “Gyrozetter 37”

  1. Sliat Says:

    I’m starting to feel spoiled here with these frequent releases. Can we expect this to maybe continue until the end? No pressure, I’m just glad it’s still being worked on.

    On an unrelated subject: is there any news concerning Goldran’s project status?

    • starseeker Says:

      Depends on whether I burn out or not. We’ve got the rough scripts completed, it’s just a matter of editing, typesetting and QC.

  2. kyled Says:

    I haven’t watched any Gyrozetter, maybe I will in the future. But just wanted to say its always nice to see more releases here at msubs. Thanks.

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