Gyrozetter 38


Now I wonder who the designer could be

It’s another trip to a big Japanese city and sample the cultural cliches. And stop whatever plot brings Xenon to the area by utter coincidence. Though we do get one of the Obari mechs this ep. This time round it’s Hakata, a city on the north end of the westernmost of the main islands, Kyushu. Also consider yourself spared that I didn’t try and handle the Kyushu accent as something West Country, because it did get considered.

Probably not gonna be an ep next week though, buffer’s running a bit thin and I’ll be away for the weekend.


Notes for this ep:
Hakata is a part of the city of Fukuoka in northern Kyushu.
Tonkotsu ramen is ramen with a stock based on pork bones. It’s a speciality of Hakata.
Sara Udon, is a noodle dish from Nagasaki.
Chanpon, another noodle dish from Nagasaki based on Chinese cuisine.
Sakurajima, Large volcano near Kagoshima, on the southern end of Kyushu.
Mount Aso, a large active volcano in central Kyushu.

If I forgot anything, feel free to yell at me in the comments.


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