L-Gaim OVA skits

Girls with guns

Girls with guns

These aren’t the OVAs proper, which are recaps (1 and 2 are recap, 3 is new and we already did it), these are little 3 minute skits that go at the end. The first one is Lady Gablae, in which Gavlet Gablae has a cunning plan. The second one is Pentagona dolls and is basically women’s wrestling, with all the fetishy subtext that entails.

I don’t envy Ametuchi translating these though, a 3 minute skit should not have 80 lines of dialogue, and thanks to Gunlord for helping to time it. To compare, a fairly light 20 minute mecha show ep runs to about 240 lines. Something heavy and wordy may hit 400 lines.

Should be more Gyrozetter next week assuming no new disasters.

Lady Gablae
Pentagona Dolls

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2 Responses to “L-Gaim OVA skits”

  1. KudosForce Says:

    Nice to see you got to properly close the book on L-Gaim. 😀 That said, any chances that Ametuchi will get free time/wiggle room for future projects?

  2. Ryvius Says:

    Hoping for some BD rips of L-Gaim someday.

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