Gyrozetter 41


[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 41 [6372B2A3].mkv_snapshot_14.39_[2015.06.29_21.34.02]

This week it’s another city trip. This time round it’s Kyoto, cultural and historical capital of Japan, full of temples and shrines, and of course, local specialities. Was this show sponsored by the tourist board or something? Otherwise, the usual cliches about learning from wizened old men apply. And Touma gets trapped in a closet. There’s probably some meaning to that.


Notes for this episode

Shinkansen = bullet train
Deer-crackers or Shika-senbei are a type of senbei, or rice cracker, that are fed to deer in Nara.
Yatsuhashi is the cinnamon cookie referenced a few episodes back.
Mame-mochi is a Kyoto speciality consisting of mochi (rice cake) with black beans inside it.
Uji matcha is matcha (powdered green tea) from the town of Uji, which is considered to be top end matcha. And yes green-tea flavoured ice cream is a thing.
“One bowl of soup and one side dish” is an idiom implying a frugal meal. The rice part is expected but not stated.
Kujo Negi is a local Kyoto variety of scallion/spring onion.
A Goemonburo or a Goemon bath, is a style of bath similar in shape to a metal barrel, and is named after a semi-legendary outlaw called Ishikawa Goemon who was executed by being boiled to death in a cauldron. And yes, the character in Lupin III is a descendant of him.
“The Devilish Woman” was originally a pun on ‘aoi chi’/blue blood and ‘oishii’/delicious. This didn’t translate at all, so one shitty pun deserves another.
Tengu are a sort of bird-like Japanese spirit. They tend to be associated with mountains and forests and have Pinoccio noses.


3 Responses to “Gyrozetter 41”

  1. kaiseran Says:

    Thank you for your good work
    This series is very nice story.
    good wishs and forward

  2. kurukuru・kyawawa・wawa Says:

    Million times thank you

  3. Ray Thredd Says:

    Thanks for the episode! Hope to see more of this greast work soon!

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