Gyrozetter 42


Dat ass

Apologies for the delay, stuff came up.
Anyways, it’s the beach episode. Well, tropical island episode really, proving that pith helmets and khaki shirts are shorthand for explorers the world over. Also I suspect this episode was animated by the C team, there’s a lot of off-model stuff. Also terrible, pain to translate Touma puns.



6 Responses to “Gyrozetter 42”

  1. flossifer Says:

    Is this torrent really on Nyaa -don’t see the listing?

  2. André Says:

    Thanks for the episode!

  3. Ray Thredd Says:

    Thanks a lot for the episode!

  4. Kaiserans Says:

    Thank you so much !!
    waiting for next episode with wishful…

  5. Sliat Says:

    Oh wow, thanks. I usually look for the Deadfish re-encode, but it hasn’t been done yet so I didn’t realize the episode was out.

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