SF Shinseiki Lensman


SF Shinseiki Lensman.avi_snapshot_00.02.21_[2015.08.15_21.33.53]

Side projects are fun. This is a subbed version of the 1984 Lensman film which did get a dubbed American release, but we don’t think there’s much of a subbed release out there.

As 80s sci-fi films go, it’s not bad, tad generic and Star Wars-influenced; but if you’ve read the Lensman book you’ll probably be going “that wasn’t in the book!” for the best part of 2 hours. Also some very early anime CG as shown in the screencap. The theme song is still the best part of it though. Starship, ride on with me~.


The torrent contains extra goodies such as the soundtrack, a synthesiser remix album of the soundtrack, some video clips about the CG, some of the commercials, music videos for the theme song, as well as scans of the tie-in comic, poster, boxes of the model kits and the covers of the novels.


Credits list is rather long due to the storied history of this project so it’s below the cut. Crowdsourcing is fun.

MartyMcflies: Project manager and determined cat-herder in chief.
Sue Shambaugh: Creator of the original script translation.
Mark Tilden & Jeff Okamoto: Scanned said script into a machine readable form and did clean up.
Shidoni and Crush: Translation check (chief Buskirk decipherers) and providers of lyrics for Space Shake
An anomymous /m/an: Insert song translation
khoda (Remi Shimada): Ending song translation
Another /m/an: Helped decipher some “English” lines from the ending song
/r/translator: Helped sub-check some parts of the movie. The power of crowdsourcing compels you.
OldSkoolFan: Provided American LD source.
Piyo Piyo Productions: Provided the Japanese LD Source
RX782: Helped ensure the terrible source footage looked less terrible
starseeker: Additional encoding assistance and TLC who’d read the book and bitched through her entire pass.
Nanto: Resident oldschool fan and general advice giver.

And of course, everyone else who chipped in, no matter how minor.


6 Responses to “SF Shinseiki Lensman”

  1. trafalgarlaw1986 Says:

    Reblogged this on Anitendo.

  2. pafnucy Says:

    Any chance you will release the raw (not encoded) LD rips? This is rare stuff that will likely never get ripped again, and it would be nice to have it for archival reasons.

  3. Variable Frank Says:

    WOW! Thank you, guys (and gals if any participated)! I’m old enough that I remember when this came out and thinking those CG graphics were amazing. Not asking you to sub it, but have any of you seen the TV anime Lensman series? Is it any good?

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