Gyrozetter 46


[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 46 [AED4DAB7].mkv_snapshot_20.13_[2015.10.20_17.48.26]

Apologies for the delay, a side project may or may not be resurrected depending on how the current ninjas assault pans out. Also I was in Japan for 2 weeks

In this episode, the chosen drivers get roped into making a film. And of course the stock director parody is directing it. What is it with Japan and basing western director parodies off Spielberg anyway?


Notes for this episode because references

Kabuki is a type of Japanese stage drama famous for elaborate facepaint and dramatic posing. Stagenames of Kabuki actors tend not to have the name order fixed in English, hence why it’s unchanged.

Kakeru’s hero outfit is looking suspiciously Gatchaman

The ‘graduating’ daydream Rinne has is a reference to the fact members of idol groups often ‘graduate’ when they’ve been in a group for a few years or are leaving for some other reason.

Kakeru’s scene parodies:
The posing: Kabuki, with the archaic dialogue and the posing. And that doinky drum.
Dost thou see this Raibird?!: A long running drama called Mito Kōmon in which every episode would involve the presentation of the seal that proves the hero’s true identity.
Execute them: The catchphrase from Abarenbou Shogun

The team rolecall may or may not be a super sentai/power rangers reference.


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