Gyrozetter 49


[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 49 [FB3605C0].mkv_snapshot_00.27_[2015.11.30_18.28.25]

As the finale draws ever closer, the battle rages on, and comedic villains stop being quite so comedic and start being dangerously competant.



Orochi is the name of a serpent with eight heads and eight tails from Japanese mythology.

Also Goldran is permanently on hiatus as another group is subbing it on Youtube, unless they give up.
Goldran 21

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9 Responses to “Gyrozetter 49”

  1. Sliat Says:

    Didn’t wanna say anything about Goldran, but yeah, there’s that. “That” group looks like their mission is to finish all the dropped or stalled Yuusha series’. They did a great job on Iron Leaguer after all.

    But back to the topic at hand … so close! Thanks! Gyrozetter’s almost done! Just a little bit more …

  2. Zer-00 Says:

    ok so do those other guys have downloads or are they just sticking to youtube only?

    • starseeker Says:

      I dunno. But Chirlind has called off her project so…

    • Ray Thredd Says:

      You can download from youtube by placing ss right before the “youtube” in the link. I do that to Buddyfight.

      • Zer-00 Says:

        your little trick is insisting that I install something before I can even download

        • Sliat Says:

          Well, “Download YouTube Videos as MP4 1.8.4” add-on for Firefox works really great. But if you want higher quality, you’d be stuck downloading a raw batch, as the group is only releasing the sub file. But I don’t know if they’ll supply the subs files for previous episodes they didn’t sub.

        • Ray Thredd Says:

          Depends. If it’s in HD, then you have to. But do not worry. It’s safe. I use it myself. Neither Spybot ou Avast detected any virus or malware.

  3. Ray Thredd Says:

    Well, if there’s no project to replace Gyrozetter after it’s finished, I’d suggest either Gaist Crusher or Tanken Driland since both are cool and both were dropped!

    • starseeker Says:

      Unfortunatly there’s other stuff planned, like more Dragonar/Raideen, the Layzner BDs, and the Ultraman Ginga S film.

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