[sage-H-S-/m/subs] Gyrozetter 1-51 batch



Well here it is, a batch of the entire series of Gyrozetter.

First 2 episodes were done by sage after they unwisely put up what they were going to sub that season up for an internet poll, episodes 3 to 30 were handled by Hikari Senshi under Makhazol, then after they had issues we took over the project with HS’s font collection and translator’s bible of terms to get it finished with Anonyeko as TL, shiny typesetting done by Ignis, starseeker as editor/secondary typesetting, and various other people like UK Windom, Battle-Anon, Sailor Otaku and Iriliane.

If you’ve been following the show so far, a DDL of episode 51 alone can be found here.
DDLs of the v2s (minor fixes and Kerbeizer is now Cerbeiser again, sorry anonyneko): 31, 32, 44, 45, 49.
Or if you just need patches, they are here

Included with the torrent is a live performance of the OP that Hikari Senshi did, also here’s the soundtrack, was going to put it in the batch but forgot.



17 Responses to “[sage-H-S-/m/subs] Gyrozetter 1-51 batch”

  1. stardrago Says:

    So, with this will you be releasing the Ginga S movie in 720p format and if possible later sub Cardfight!! Vanguard Neon Messiah as well?

  2. KudosForce Says:

    Well, I’m glad to see this finished at last after being mostly ignored. Any plans on picking up another series that you’d have fun working on?

  3. Dan Says:

    Thanks for all the work on this, everyone!

  4. stardrago Says:

    Say, I noticed before, I had once gotten a raw version of the last episode but yours seem to cut out the last part; with Souta asking Kakeru what was he was listening to with his headphones.

  5. André Says:

    Thanks so much guys! You’re awasome!

  6. trafalgarlaw1986 Says:

    Reblogged this on Anitendo.

  7. Kaiserans Says:

    Thank you for good work !

  8. Jerz Says:

    Please fix and make a v2 patch for Gyrozetter 34, the elapsed time of Gyrozetter 34 is “3:53:12”

    • starseeker Says:

      It works perfectly fine here, and no-one else has complained.

      • Jerz Says:

        Yes, it works perfectly fine and I can watch it just fine but have you checked the elapsed time/total time? I’ve downloaded all Gyrozetter 34 on your msubs site, nyaa and bakabt 3x times.. still the same, if you try to download Gyrozetter 34 and watch it through VLC you will see there’s an extend total time of “3:53:12”. You can also check the total duration time in MediaInfo.

        here’s my proof:
        http://imgur.com/e8EGh3B – using VLC
        http://imgur.com/5HbMqBv – total duration time in MediaInfo

        and if no-one else has complained, then i’m probably the first one to notice it.

        • starseeker Says:

          Ah, it works fine in MPC (what I use for testing), but does have that error in VLC. The raw is fine, so I’m a bit confused as to how it happened. Just use MPC/CCCP, that’s the recommended thing.

          • Jerz Says:

            Ok, thanks, but if possible is there a way to fix the error? I always use VLC when watching.

            • starseeker Says:

              I have no idea how it happened, so I have no idea what caused it, so I don’t know how to fix it. Sorry.

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