Mach Baron 01 + Mach Baron Full Series Raws


[mRips] Super Robot Mach Baron - 01 [12110534].mkv_snapshot_12.31_[2016.03.31_21.01.21]

Yep, it’s time for the annual stupid project. And this year it’s a tad bigger than usual. We’ve got both the first episode of Mach Baron subbed as a one-off, and raws of the whole series, because far I as I can tell, no-one’s bothered to encode it. (Probably because the DVDs are made from a very ropey film master, and there are some things Avisynth can’t fix).

Now why, Mach Baron? Well it has a villain who is a German mad scientist called Lalastein with crazy mood hair, and mooks who are totally not American Football players, who wants to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Do I really need to say more? Beyond that’s its fairly generic and amazingly 70s, but fun enough with giant smashy robots and lots of models getting blown up, (and the sibling series to the more well-known Red Baron, which we should also get ripped at some point in the next few months).

As often is, this was a team episode. So thanks to Kou Aidou for putting up a translation of the opening song (which is amazingly prog rock), Battle-Anon for timing and not asking why, Ray for editing and volunteering to do so before I asked, Lexi for helping with the equally weird end song translation, and FortMax for putting up with my occasionally stupid encoding questions.


Mach Baron 01

Full Series Raw Batch


5 Responses to “Mach Baron 01 + Mach Baron Full Series Raws”

  1. maxrebo120 Says:

    With Great Mazinger getting a domestic release here in the US, would you guys ever consider continuing Mach Baron?

  2. Sylvain Says:

    Please please please re upload or seed please

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