[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman Movie V2 and Lensman TV Episode 1



V2 of the Lensman film with video and translation upgrades, now as a joint with The Skaro Hunting Society

Along with it we also have the bonus ‘Making of Lensman’ feature, for if you’ve ever wondered how 80s CG in anime was done. In the bonus collection we also have all the Lensman soundtracks you could think of (OST, drama album, audio dramas, and synthesiser remixes of the OST (because MartyMcFlies loves collecting these)), the Harmony gold dubs of both the film and a compilation film made of the TV series, a collection of trailers, music videos, toy commercials etc, as well as scans of pretty much anything Lensman related Nanto could find: from comic tieins to toy boxes to book covers. Some of the same goodies as last time, some new stuff.

But that’s not all, we also have the first episode of the TV series, which infamously only had 6 of its 26 episodes released on official VHS and LD, and never on DVD. (Big thanks for Nanto and his hoarding of obscure taped from TV stuff for raws).

Lensman DDLs

Film Torrent

TV series episode 1 torrent

To borrow the team credit list from Nanto’s post:

Massive shoutout to Alrow for providing the Laserdisc source for Making of Lensman and episodes 1-6 of the TV series. Also thanks to Laurine and AnimeSennin for VHS sources to upcoming episodes. Lots of people came together to help with this project, thanks are due to Marty McFlies, Sky79, GMAX_JP, legendary old school translator C. Sue Shambaugh, Starseeker, Shidoni, Crush-Zombie, Ametuchi, RX782, khoda (Remi Shimada), /r/translator, MWizard, OldSkoolFan, Piyo Piyo Productions, macros74 and everyone at Baka-BT for their patience, and everyone else who also helped contribute!



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