Metal Armor Dragonar 16 – The Wrong Uniform



Joyful tidings today, friends! First, here’s the next episode of Dragonar–the main difference between the Italian and Japanese versions is that “Billy’s” name is changed to “Dee Yang” in Italian for some reason.

Direct Download


Secondly, thankfully, I’ve managed to find another translator! Everybody give a big round of applause to That One UK Windom Loving Anon! 16 was done by Starseeker, but 17 and onwards will have his name on the credits. Hopefully this should make things go quicker ;D



6 Responses to “Metal Armor Dragonar 16 – The Wrong Uniform”

  1. MackySmack Says:

    So…can we just call him TOUWLA for short?

  2. Living the Good Life, Episode 6: May 13, 2016 | Gunlord500 Says:

    […] […]

  3. Doc Says:

    Do you have a MEGA folder with all releases for Dragonar? Thank you in advance!

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