Goldran 48


Final episode.

Batch will be sorted tomorrow, seedbox hoster decided now was the perfect time to do a server transfer, so it’s out of commission for at least another 12-24 hours.




3 Responses to “Goldran 48”

  1. chirlind Says:

    Thanks for coming back and completing this series. Just minor stuff I noticed while watching the final episode: 12:13 first trias. One of my boo-boo’s was left in: 17:52: Silver Knight, Jet Silver! –> Knight of the Skies, Jet Silver!

    • starseeker Says:

      And ofc this gets found after the batch goes up. You’d need to ping sasword’s blog to get his attention. Can’t fix hardsubs on my end.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good catch on the trials misspell, I think Silver Knight for sora no kishi was a consistent mistake I left alone. Might make a v2 for kicks, but no big deal. I thought about doing a softsub version, but I’ll probably just make scripts available.

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