Gridman 03



The first post gets a free pass for introducing the series, but from now on, I feel like I must use him for release post pics.




small pepper

9 Responses to “Gridman 03”

  1. kuro Says:

    just wondering, are you guys going to continue with ultraman taro or was it really just an april fools joke??

  2. kabutokick Says:

    oh i love u so much! and great picture idea

  3. Nik Dagou Says:


  4. ChaosLacky Says:

    Thanks for this sub. Watched Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad when I was a kid and seeing the show it was adopted from is cool. Hope to see more Gridman.

  5. Trent Says:

    Are you guys gonna continue with this series or have you ‘dropped’ it?

    • Trent Says:

      I should probably ask it more in the sense, is it dropped or is it dropped/shelved/set aside for a temporary time frame because of another project?

  6. BPX Says:

    Gridman? Please?

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