Metal Armor Dragonar 19 – Aerial Weapon Platforms, Dragonar




Sorry for being a wee bit late, with the next ep of Dragonar, brothers and sisters. I’ve been working on an extremely lengthy book review on a fairly abstruse subject and didn’t want to work on anything else until it was almost done. Fortunately, it is almost done (just gotta put the finishing touches on it), so I thought I’d work on Dragonar a bit!

Direct Download


Enjoy, everybody~


9 Responses to “Metal Armor Dragonar 19 – Aerial Weapon Platforms, Dragonar”

  1. Thorgal Says:

    Thanks for the releases, but… Why don’t you guys release the original japanese NTSC DVD Rips like GAR did with the first 9 episodes ? Your releases is a european 25fps PAL source with pretty bad mastered audio and changed title animations.

    • gunlord500 Says:

      I hear Dragonar got an LD release with really great quality all around at some point, didn’t it? I may put the subs on there eventually. For now, though, the European releases have the Italian audio as well as subs, which makes things easier for Gorge, and his translations make things easier for the Japanese translators, since they only have to fix whatever the Italian in inaccurate on.

      • Thorgal Says:

        But it should be no problem to use the italian source just for reference. The overall quality of GARs source was way superior and the audio quality was a difference like day and night (very low quality mono vs remastered stereo).

        btw… there’s no need for LD rips since the dvd box set was already released in Japan over 5 years ago. 😉

        • gunlord500 Says:

          Hmm…maybe. I’ll ask around and see if it’s convenient to try using the most recent Japanese RAWs out there, at least if they’re easy to find.

          • Thorgal Says:

            I tried to get the untranslated files and at last for me it looks like hopeless. On JPDDL all links are dead and the torrent is offered by some horribly slow seeding japanese guy (client tells me that it will take 8 weeks for just one episode). At the moment it looks like it’s hopeless.

            • gunlord500 Says:

              Dang ;_; Ah, well, even if the European raws aren’t the best, at least we can work with them.

              • Thorgal Says:

                But still the audio is horrible. I dont get how a company can manage to buy a license in order to use the japanese source and ruin the original audio to that degree. It’s a real pain in my ears.

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  3. L.B. 367 Says:

    I hope that you will translating ths anime, good luck with the project!

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