Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 20: A Offshore Reunion


See you in 5!

Hey guys! First, sorry for the long wait and not getting an episode out last week–Star and I both had a lot of stuff come up; I had to write a lot of emails and such, and Star’s job had some important deadlines. But things are a little cooler now, so I finally found a bit of time to make the proper uploads 😀

Second, as you can tell from the screencap, at long last we have a proper sub of one of Dragonar’s funnier moments. Wish as luck as we continue onwards, hopefully we’ll get to the infamous I’LL SEND YOU TO THE NETHERLANDS scene sooner rather than later. And without further ado, here are the goodies!

Direct Download


See you next time, friends!

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4 Responses to “Metal Armor Dragonar, Episode 20: A Offshore Reunion”

  1. Living the Good Life, Episode 10 (July 1, 2016): Clouds over the Horizon | Gunlord500 Says:

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  2. anonymous Says:

    Do you guys plan on putting the older episodes on MEGA?

  3. anonymous Says:

    Sweet. I was going through old posts. Thanks.

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