RS Project -Rebirth Storage-


[mSubs] RS Project v2.mkv_snapshot_00.04_[2016.07.08_15.31.36]

In the near future strange robots called Kikou attack Japan, and humanity is forced to use their own Kikous to fight back. But piloting them has a cost…

This is a short one-off TV special, so if you want to spent 22 minutes watching robots fight with some cyberpunk drama, give it a look.



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4 Responses to “RS Project -Rebirth Storage-”

  1. Buttchan Says:


  2. Stanley Says:

    That made for an interesting watch. Wouldn’t mind if this were one day expanded into a full TV show.

  3. L.B. 367 Says:

    Thank you! i would see it.

  4. L.B. 367 Says:

    It was very good, except for the CGI enemies, but it was interesting.
    I think it could be better like a whole anime series.

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