Great Mazinger 33



Been a while hasn’t it. Blame sasword.

Should be some other stuff soon.




9 Responses to “Great Mazinger 33”

  1. sasword Says:

    repeat after me, “it’s all starseeker’s fault”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fucking great to see a new Great Mazinger release!!! Thanks!!

  3. Violence John Says:

    I love how the Mazinger Team fans are allowed to climb on the robots with no regard whatsover for their security. Had Nagai himself scripted the episode, I’m sure he would have included a scene where a few kids are crushed to a bloody pulp under the other robots’ weight when Boss goes crazy, because that’s how he rolls.

  4. August Ragone Says:

    Thanks for continuing with this series! Will you be making DDLs for the MKVs of the earlier episodes? The old links (Megaupload, etc.) are obviously dead and buried. Cheers and continue the fantastic (and thankless) work!

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