Anniversary update



As of yesterday, /m/subs has existed for 8 years. Or at least our organisation forum has, first releases were a few months after.

So I figured I’d do a status update.

Raideen: releases when I feel like it

Great Mazinger: releases when sasword feels like it.

Lensman: Episode 7 is being worked on, are now past official releases and into multi-gen video copies recorded off the telly in the 80s.

Gridman: temporary hiatus due to translator being busy

Baxinger: Crinn has made contact and is working slowly.

Dragonar: Gunlord should be less busy after the beginning of next month.

Red Baron rips: Dropped due to me not having time and bizzare technical issues.

Daimos: Go ask in the forums, I have no idea anymore.

Feel free to remind me of anything I missed in the comments.

18 Responses to “Anniversary update”

  1. Laurent Bauer Says:

    Hello, happy birthday, msubs !
    Any news of Daimos ? This series has been stopped
    for so long now I begin to lose hope…

    Best wishes for 2017 !

    Laurent Bauer

  2. Camilo Exodia Pavez Marichiweiwildon Says:

    Happy B-Day /m/subs, thanks for everything!!

    Is Crinn alive!? Really?

  3. vince chui (@kidchuckle) Says:

    happybday! sasword is alive? so is getter robo G off the table?

  4. tormentorx613 Says:

    At least we finally have some news of crinn! Happy Birthday /m/subs šŸ™‚

  5. Zer-00 Says:

    don’t mean to pry but are you guys still tackling getter robo?

  6. Alex Dubcheck Says:

    Hooray for Baxinger, Dragonar and Lensman !

  7. Nu Says:

    any change of getting seeders on the getter robo torrents?

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