Dancouga Burning Epilogue 01-02


This makes the show look a lot more interesting than it actually is

It’s been a while hasn’t it. 6 years of avoiding working on this. So why’d I come back to it? Mix of reasons. First was it was a 4 day weekend and I needed to do something that wasn’t play the evil empire in Stellaris. The second is that someone actually made the effort to come into our IRC and ask for download links for episode 1 and was enthusiatic about the rest of the series. So I figured might as well finish this terrible OVA. Episode 2 isn’t as bad as I remember. Shame the episodes beyond it are worse.

The decision to do this in particular was actually made the day before Discotek announced they were licensing the TV series.

SDs are now out, torrent only though.

Translation has been cleaned up since last time, slight translation adjustments for continuity etc.

SD Torrent

01 DDL
02 DDL

TL notes:

Episode 2’s title is 超獣魔境 (choujuu makyou), the first 2 characters are just ‘super beast’, but ‘makyou‘ is more tricksy. Literally it’s ‘devil’s cave’ or ‘haunt of evil men’, but figuratively means an illusion or a type of self-delusion. It was the latter sort of meaning I tried to go for with the title.

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9 Responses to “Dancouga Burning Epilogue 01-02”

  1. Jistuce Says:

    Discotek licensed the TV series?! Man, they are my favorite anime company. I am honestly not sure how they turn a profit, since so much of what they license has no mainstream appeal, but god dammit, they are doing God’s work(if we assume God is a fan of classic anime).

    I honestly don’t know why I love Dancouga so much. It isn’t really a very good show, and fails to live up to most of the early promise the premise offers. I blame the sweet-looking mech, and my initial exposure being God Bless Dancouga, which is really pretty nonsense.

    • starseeker Says:

      Been rewatching the series. I’d say its charm is in the fact it does at least try to use its premise rather than just going straight to stock super robot. That and it does have moments of mocking the cliches of the genre.

  2. frankrx2 Says:

    Keep up the good work man! you guys way cool…

  3. M.D. Chaos Says:

    Yeah It’s pretty shit and I watched the whole thing raw.
    It’s kind of a miracle Dancouga came back after an ova as bad as this.

  4. David Kerekes Says:

    Good to see you guys still going at it. Good work

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