Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes Our Ultraman!


[mSubs] Ultraman X The Movie (1080) [DBDFF24E].mkv_snapshot_00.51.46_[2017.12.18_19.21.47]

Yes I know this is from last year, took longer than expected to get source, learnt my lesson there. Will do the Ultraman Orb film next, just need to sort some other subbing committments over Christmas (yay for a week off work). Consider this your Christmas present because I’m not gonna have anything else done before Christmas.


SD Hardsub

TL: starseeker
Editing: Ray
QC: Jakraziel, Celiby, Ekkaroe (even if you did call the effects dated >_>)


13 Responses to “Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes Our Ultraman!”

  1. stardrago Says:

    say, you think you could do the first 4 director’s cut episodes of Ultraman Geed; mainly using subs form crunchyroll and adding your own addedd dialogue in the show for the parts not originally seen?

    • starseeker Says:

      Too much effort for not much gain. Having to match another translation style is hard.
      Plan to do the film with a much faster turnaround though.

  2. J Says:

    Merry Christmas Starseeker, and thanks for all that you’ve done. /m/subs wouldn’t be the same without your hard work. Merry Christmas to all of /m/subs, and here’s to 2018.

  3. Someone Says:

    More Raideen?

  4. Darkwingsamurai Says:

    Hey i was wondering if you had plans to sub ultraman ginga theater special ultra monster hero battle royal? I have been looking and I can’t find any English subs for that movie

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