Dancouga Blazing Epilogue


Dancouga BE LD cover

aka Burning Epilogue, Blazing’s more technically correct and does show up in some official materials.

So here we are, at the end of the epilogue no-one wanted or asked for. But it’s done, it’s over, and god this franchise deserved better.

Only changes in eps 1-3 is the title card.

1080 HD


Big thanks to everyone involved:

Translation: Currylemon (1&2), starseeker (1-4)
Song translations: Iriliane (1-4)
Timing: Sealy (1), Entel (2), Tokugail (3&4)
Editing: Ray (1&2), Ametuchi (3&4)
QC: Celiby, Ekkairot, Sealy, Entel (1-3), Champtice (4), Ametuchi (4).

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7 Responses to “Dancouga Blazing Epilogue”

  1. Someone Says:

    Seeders are needed for the Dancouga SD Torrent. Please assist.

  2. trafalgarlaw1986 Says:

    Reblogged this on Anitendo.

  3. Jistuce Says:

    I will watch this, I will feel bad about it, then I will go and watch God Bless Dancouga until I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

  4. runmelos Says:

    Thanks for loving the unlovable with this project. It may be the unwanted chapter in Dancougar, but it’s still worth having.

  5. Zack Weatherbee Says:

    I didn’t download this but congratulations on another hard job done for the good of cultural exchange.

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