Dancouga Blazing Epilogue


Dancouga BE LD cover

aka Burning Epilogue, Blazing’s more technically correct and does show up in some official materials.

So here we are, at the end of the epilogue no-one wanted or asked for. But it’s done, it’s over, and god this franchise deserved better.

Only changes in eps 1-3 is the title card.

1080 HD


Big thanks to everyone involved:

Translation: Currylemon (1&2), starseeker (1-4)
Song translations: Iriliane (1-4)
Timing: Sealy (1), Entel (2), Tokugail (3&4)
Editing: Ray (1&2), Ametuchi (3&4)
QC: Celiby, Ekkairot, Sealy, Entel (1-3), Champtice (4), Ametuchi (4).

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11 Responses to “Dancouga Blazing Epilogue”

  1. Someone Says:

    Seeders are needed for the Dancouga SD Torrent. Please assist.

  2. trafalgarlaw1986 Says:

    Reblogged this on Anitendo.

  3. Jistuce Says:

    I will watch this, I will feel bad about it, then I will go and watch God Bless Dancouga until I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

  4. runmelos Says:

    Thanks for loving the unlovable with this project. It may be the unwanted chapter in Dancougar, but it’s still worth having.

  5. Zack Weatherbee Says:

    I didn’t download this but congratulations on another hard job done for the good of cultural exchange.

  6. Fernando Kamui Says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting so long to watch this final statement for the series. Thank you one more time. Best regards and happy holidays!

  7. Jistuce Says:

    It took a few months, but I got around to this, and… why did I watch this? It is a thoroughly mediocre OVA animated on a shoestring budget that lacks the time or focus to do anything of note, and mostly just takes a big smelly dump on what came before. How do they follow God Bless Dancouga with THIS?

    In the end, I’m left with two questions, aside from “who asked for this?”, and neither is really raised by this OVA.

    1. Given that the Earth has been attacked by godlike beings that can only be opposed by a single team of four on multiple occasions, why has the world not invested in building a second Dancouga so they can tag-team the next ridiculous superbeing that tries to start trouble in the wrong solar system?

    2. What happened to the Juusenkitai rock band from the end of God Bless Dancouga? I think I’d rather have watched an OVA about the collapse of Shinobu’s band and end of his singing career due to his hard-partying lifestyle.

    Hell, I think I’d’ve liked to watch the rookies from God Bless try to handle the plant monsters before they call the real heroes back out of retirement again. But no, it is just “Evil space planet, go send goons to kidnap our pilots and by the way Shinobu’s a race car driver now after he broke up with Sara again I guess.”

    Sorry, I just needed to vent.

  8. King Kuuga Says:

    I’ve known about Dancouga since the mid-2000s, finally downloaded it in the early 2010s, and attempted to watch it on two different occasions. Finally in 2019 I restarted it again and managed to get through the whole series. It wasn’t always perfect but I loved it overall.
    Watched Requiem for Victims. I wish they spent more time with it but it’s a satisfactory ending.
    God Bless was glorious hot-blooded action, though light on substance.
    And then I moved onto this. I’d heard it was kinda bad, but the first episode was intriguing enough and the second episode was great. Episode three ended on a low note and I worried about how they were going to tie up all their loose ends. Well I guess the answer is they didn’t. There was no point reviving Shapiro, no point freezing Masato, no point to the plant monsters at all, one-eye general dude was basically Igor and Dean Kiegel mixed together, he had nothing going for him and so his heroic sacrifice was meaningless. Blazing Epilogue is an insult to everything that came before and I will now be forever mad that they decided “Yeah this is how we want to end Dancouga.” I want to wipe this OVA from my memory it’s that bad.

    I’m grateful to you guys for subbing it, I’m so sorry that it’s awful, I hope you have enough alcohol to drown out the memory of having worked on this.

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