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Ultraman Geed official release announced

September 11, 2019

Mill Creek Entertainment Announces Next Wave of ULTRAMAN Releases: ULTRASEVEN! ULTRAMAN ORB! ULTRAMAN GEED!

So with Ultraman Geed getting an official release, I’m taking the torrents down. It’s a shame I never got to do the Orb film, bought the blu-ray and everything, just couldn’t find the time. Oh well.
The Ultraman X film will be taken down when dates for that are announced.

Great Mazinger to be released on DVD by Discotek in March

January 14, 2018

As Great Mazinger is to be released by Discotek on DVD in March, I have taken down the DDLs and torrents for Great Mazinger. Thank you for your understanding.

Stuff currently missing in a post-nyaa world

May 8, 2017

So it’s been a week since nyaa upped at disappeared into the void of dead websites and I’ve attempted to do a stock take of the damage.

Stuff I don’t have and can’t find/can’t get and is worth saving:

[Bro-Lord] Mozaika  Located

[Bro-Lord] Votoms Alone Again Located

/m/subs Kamen Rider X Five Rider vs King Dark Located

Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G Located

Great Mazinger Versus Getter Robo Located

Mazinger-Z Versus The Great General of Darkness Located

If anyone has any of these files, they would be much appreciated. Also yell if I’ve forgotten anything.