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Science Fiction double feature. L-Gaim and Dendoh

February 28, 2011

For today’s regular A-feature we have episode 40 of Heavy Metal L-Gaim. This episode is our main translator Ametuchi’s favourite episode of the series. In the episode we meet Full Flat, who apart from winning the Tomino silliest name award, is very much the Dragon Lady of L-Gaim, a schemer who always has the upper hand.


For our B feature we have a new project for you, Gear Fighter Dendoh. Picking up from where ODF left off, here is episode 12 of a more modern mecha series that manages to be both fun and toyetic. Interestingly it’s written and directed by the pair who would later write Gundam Seed. The idea for this came from a guy called Leo-Pilot on /m/ who decided to try and clean up the HK scripts for this show, I volunteered to check the translations and that’s how this ended up here.
And when I say this show is toyetic…the mech runs off giant AA batteries, it’s glorious.