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L-Gaim licensed.

February 21, 2017


As the L-Gaim TV series has been licensed, I’m taking down the TV series episode torrents from nyaa. OVA 3 is unaffected so far.

Yes I know it’s US only :(, but I feel it’s only right now there’s an official release.

L-Gaim OVA skits

June 21, 2015
Girls with guns

Girls with guns

These aren’t the OVAs proper, which are recaps (1 and 2 are recap, 3 is new and we already did it), these are little 3 minute skits that go at the end. The first one is Lady Gablae, in which Gavlet Gablae has a cunning plan. The second one is Pentagona dolls and is basically women’s wrestling, with all the fetishy subtext that entails.

I don’t envy Ametuchi translating these though, a 3 minute skit should not have 80 lines of dialogue, and thanks to Gunlord for helping to time it. To compare, a fairly light 20 minute mecha show ep runs to about 240 lines. Something heavy and wordy may hit 400 lines.

Should be more Gyrozetter next week assuming no new disasters.

Lady Gablae
Pentagona Dolls


January 25, 2013

Original mecha

Before anyone asks about OVAs I and II, they’re both recaps and Ametuchi didn’t want to translate them (all I remember of them was a skit with Gablae in drag). OVA III on the other hand, is a sidestory type thing. It’s set some point in the first half of the series, and is mainly focussed on Leccee. As in there is a lot of pandering to Daba-Leccee shippers. Plot itself involves family duty, HMs designed in a competition, 80s Basara and probably the most unfortunatly named mecha for some time.


And as an extra, have the soundtrack for this OVA


Also as a side thing, it’s almost the 4th anniversary of /m/subs being founded. (Anniversary is the 27th)

L-Gaim 54 and batch torrent

September 22, 2012

Well here we are at last, the last episode of L-Gaim, in which a final boss is fought, a random subplot is wrapped up and no-one gets the girl.

Going by the 70+ page thread on this forum, the very first iteration of this project was started in May 2009, with Pata providing the raws, Denkou Nova, Arda Kanaya and me (starseeker) on translation, DrugLordKai as timer, and Lost Number and David_Bowie on QC. Though as fate would have it, Shin-Getter suddenly resurrected themselves from the dead and carried on with their L-Gaim project, so our first attempt fizzled out after 2 episodes. After Shin-Getter died again in April 2010 after reaching episode 32, there was plans to pick up the project again, but the first volunteer translator never finished an episode. Then in August 2010, Ametuchi joined the project and would be it’s longsuffering main translator from episode 33 to 54. This time the timing was done by Gunlord, the raws were Pata and then Chokutsuu after Pata’s disappearance, and I handled translation checking/QC. And this is how we got here.

The batch torrent includes both our episodes and Shin-Getter’s, though I used our version of episodes 1 and 2 instead of the Shin-Getter ones. Episodes 1,2 and 33-50 have v2s because Ametuchi wanted to touch them up and fix minor errors. I’ll put up DDLs for them when I can.


54: DDL
No individual torrent for 54, it’s in the batch, just select the files you need in your torrent client.

xdelta patches courtesy of digib33t from the comments.


L-Gaim 52-53

September 14, 2012

Here we have a double bill of Tomino drama and shenanigans. In tonight’s show we have stupid plans, really random villain deaths, identity and pronoun minefields, people acting badly out of character and newtype ghosts. And we’re not even at the final episode yet.

Final episode will be out with a batch torrent of all episodes in a few days, including a load of v2s with tweaked scripts, forgotten font files added in etc.

If you want a taste of something related and slightly different, pop by AXSUS‘s blog as they just finished subbing Xabungle, another comedy 80s mecha show directed by Tomino.



L-Gaim 51

August 22, 2012

Before anyone starts bitching Layzner should be out before the end of this week, just dealing with timezones messing with QC.

Anyways, this episode they remember they’re dropping meteors in Sveto and yet another rescuing Quwasan plot. This show could’ve worked with 26 episodes, there’s at least 20 episodes of pointless filler. 3 episodes left to go and IIRC they get really trippy.
Also realised in a conversation with a mate that half the cast are proto-Zeta characters crossed with Star Wars. Amu is proto-Fa, Amandra is proto-Quattro, Quwasan is proto-Rosammy, Full Flat is proto-Four, Leccee is proto-Haman, I miss anyone out?


L-Gaim 50

July 29, 2012

This episode we get Tomino writing turned up to maximum derp, people act out of character, female characters act completely nonsensically, and someone minor gets killed off really randomly because why not.



L-Gaim 49

June 30, 2012

This episode we get to the actual invasion of Sveto and Operation Stardust (seriously how many episodes did that take to set up), and we get some of the Poseydal/Full Flat/Mian backstory, which looks a lot like the current set up of the love triangle.
Would’ve had this out a few days ago but various computer technical issues made me want to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


L-Gaim 48

May 18, 2012

Operation Stardust finally gets going, but it’s not the end of the scheming and plotting from our mess of factions. Throw in some fanservice for both genders, some redshirts with blatant death flags and another attempt to rescue the princess and we have another normal episode of L-Gaim. Enjoy the normality, all hell breaks loose next ep with identity confusion, old romantic rivalries and possibly some genderbending.

L-Gaim 47

April 26, 2012

Why do all Tomino love talks require the men to act like they're 5?

This episode we get a Tomino love chat, which requires major characterisation shifts, a ton of misogyny and a revertion to the “girls have cooties” level of logical thinking. Yeah, there’s a lot of snarky comments hidden away in the script. Also it looks like Operation Stardust is finally going to fucking happen next ep after far too many episodes.