God Mazinger 02

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Not a one-off apparently


[mSubs] God Mazinger – 02 [FAFAF0C6].mkv:
[mSubs] God Mazinger – 02 [76B2FCDF].mp4:

[mSubs – TSHS] Lensman – Galactic Patrol (1984) episodes 01-10

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Batch of the first 10 episodes.

2019 is the 35th anniversary of both the Lensman anime film & TV series, as well as the 85th anniversary of E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Triplanetary being serialized in Amazing Stories Magazine.
This is a joint with The Skaro Hunting Society and you can read a far more thorough write up of these episodes here



And if you’re wondering why this anime is so rare, here’s a post from TSHS about what happened.

Ryujin Mabuyer Series 1

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[mSubs] Ryujin Mabuyer [CED2CA7E].mkv_snapshot_00.00.17_[2019.01.01_16.11.01]

This was originally meant to be the April Fools project. Project editor suggested delaying it to next years April Fools but since I had other projects filed as ‘deal with after this’, I felt like aiming for Xmas, or at least New Year. This project was just goddamn cursed.

Ryujin Mabuyer is a local hero tokusatsu show from Okinawa, an island chain to the south west of Japan (also called the Ryukyu Islands) that was its own country (sorta) until 1870.
Yes, this aired on local telly and has about 6 seasons.
Whole series is a single file with one opening and ending because that’s how it came on the DVD.

There are 2 sub tracks on this, my best attempt at doing it properly, and some crabsticks off a Malaysian bootleg DVD (don’t ask)


Translator notes:
The Japanese DVDs of this translated some of the very Okinawan language bits but not all. If even the official DVDs didn’t bother I assumed it wasn’t meant to be understood (and I couldn’t make head or tails of it either)
Because playing around with dialects turns up in dialogue, I attempted to render this with English dialects. However I can only write one non-standard and that’s my own, so you get Estuary English. I know it’s not the best choice but it was that or commit crimes against another dialect.
Non-Japanese Okinawan words are left untranslated in italics where possible.
Evil villain organisation gets referred to as EvilCorp in some sources so went with that translation.

Okinawan Language: Okinawa’s traditional language is related but distinct from Japanese.
Mabui: Okinawan concept of spirit/soul.
Mabui-gumi: Ritual to restore a lost Mabui
Shisa: Lion-dog guardian spirit, pairs of them are found outside houses.
Habu: Venomous pit viper native to Okinawa. Mongooses were introduced to try and control them.
Kuber: Based on the Okinawan ‘kuba’ for spider.
Nirai-Kanai: Land of the Gods in Okinawan religion.
Three Kingdoms Period: aka Sanzan period: ~1330-1430
Ishiganto: Stone talismans found on T-junctions of roads to ward off evil spirits.
Majimun: Evil spirits
Tēgē: A laid back attitude to time. There’s a whole chain in southern Japan of regions mocking the neighbours for being late.
Eisa: Folk dance performed by youth groups in the summer during the Bon festival.
Chinbin: Type of okinawan crepe.
Tida: Sun
Yachu: Moxibustion (method of healing using fire)
Chāganjū: Healthy eating and longevity. Okinawa’s famous for having the most centenarians in Japan.
Ichabarichōdē: Sense of brotherhood, that everyone you meet should be treated as if they were your own sibling.
Nifei: Okinawan for ‘thank you’
Gusuku: A castle or fortress in the Ryukyu islands. The one shown in the series is Zakimi Castle. They often contain an utaki, or sacred grove.
Nuchidu Takara: ‘Life is precious’ local philosophy that gained its power after the Battle of Okinawa. The US bases left after WW2 are still a very contentious local subject.
Tōtōme: Ancestor worship. The tablets were traditionally only inherited along male lines.
Kachāshī: Form of festive folk dance.

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Yuusha Raideen 33

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[mSubs] Yuusha Raideen 33 [06C81020].mkv_snapshot_15.49_[2018.12.26_12.19.27]

Little Christmas present for you as planned Christmas release (originally April Fools project… yeah it’s called ‘cursed project’ internally for a reason) is delayed until New Year.

And since we had Dragonar as well I decided to release this Boxing Day, as it’s about football (proper footie aka soccer), and Boxing Day always has matches.


Notes for this episode as it makes some geographical references:

Okinawa: Island chain south west of the main Japanese islands

Amami Oshima: Largest island in the Amami chain, which is between Okinawa and the Japanese island of Kyushu

Hanshin: Term used to describe the Kobe-Osaka area.

God Mazinger 01

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Sasword is a freaking ninja I swear to god.

[00:33] Wanted to watch an episode to try it and couldn’t find shin-getter’s release but then I found it halfway through and lost all motivation. Since all series I sub end up getting finished (even if typically not by me), hopefully this’ll cause an official release to materialize.
[00:38] i need a new show but i hate timing so much, anyway merry christmas an shit



Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 32: Vengeful Sniper

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Direct Download


Merry Christmas, /m/en and wo/men! Here’s the next ep of Metal Armor Dragonar comin atcha 😀 Hope this is a nice holiday gift for all of you ❤

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 31: Assassins from the Moon

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Direct Download



Dang! It’s been longer than I’d like, my friends, but a lot of stuff have kept me and Star busy for a while. However, Sky’s been very good about her help, so hopefully we’ll be able to pick up the pace not too far from now. As always, hope you enjoy!

Dancouga Blazing Epilogue

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Dancouga BE LD cover

aka Burning Epilogue, Blazing’s more technically correct and does show up in some official materials.

So here we are, at the end of the epilogue no-one wanted or asked for. But it’s done, it’s over, and god this franchise deserved better.

Only changes in eps 1-3 is the title card.

1080 HD


Big thanks to everyone involved:

Translation: Currylemon (1&2), starseeker (1-4)
Song translations: Iriliane (1-4)
Timing: Sealy (1), Entel (2), Tokugail (3&4)
Editing: Ray (1&2), Ametuchi (3&4)
QC: Celiby, Ekkairot, Sealy, Entel (1-3), Champtice (4), Ametuchi (4).

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!!

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Geed Movie workraw_001_4549

Oh look I managed to sub one of these films in a reasonably timely manner (still need to do the Orb film at some point)

So yes, this is the sequel film/series conclusion for Ultraman Geed, series itself is on Crunchyroll.

If you’ve seen any of the other new generation films then you know the drill, new big baddie, a team up, cool shit happens and the model village gets blown up, though this time the model village is in Okinawa.




Cheer along with Pega version. This was something I found on the BD by accident, special version with onscreen prompts for when to cheer for the heroes etc, and a special intro section presented by Pega with both standard and special cinema viewing rules. I just thought it would be funny to do, though the prompts are hardcoded into the video due to it being easier than wrangling with the sub tracks.


Big thanks to everyone who volunteered to help on this, or at least didn’t say no fast enough.

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 30: Special Technique! Chainsaw Attack!

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Literally me IRL

Direct Download



W00t! Seems like we’re doing an okay job at keeping to a schedule. A little over a month since the previous episode, here’s the 30th! Hope you guys enjoy.