Brave Raideen 26-27


[mSubs] Yuusha Raideen 26 [0A3E23F5].mkv_snapshot_18.50_[2016.05.29_22.26.47]


Been a while since we had some of these isn’t it. Since I have found myself with a surfeit of free time, I figured I’d better get back to work on this. Having DVD ISOs and captions are not at all unrelated.

Anyways, decided to do these two episodes together as they are the last Tomino directed episode, and the first episode directed by Nagahama. Episode 28 should follow in a week or two, it smacks you over the head with the exposition bat.

So, what actually happens in these episodes? To avoid spoiling much all I say is villainous schemes, acts of desperation by a certain prince, and a new threat appears.




Previous episodes can be downloaded here

Translation notes and credits below the cut.

Thanks to Luurah for editing/QC, Ray for QC and snarky commentary on the stupidity of not!Borot, and Ametuchi for putting up with my stupid TL questions and chipping in on good names for villains.

TL notes: The new villains from the end of 27 have their names translated as they’re full kanji compounds, as opposed to the katakana phonetic spellings of all the other villains. Thanks to Ametuchi for helping them sound less stupid.



9 Responses to “Brave Raideen 26-27”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Raideen is back

  2. Luurah Says:

    Woot! Awesome! Thanks again for letting me help on Raideen! 😭

  3. sara Says:

    thanks msubs&Luurah team great work

  4. Titopsycho Says:


  5. Captain Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Unrelated, but do you guys have the subtitle files for SPT Layzner somewhere?

  7. kirowatt Says:

    Is the 12th episode out of sync or is it just my own player having an issue? Also, thanks for the subs.

    • starseeker Says:

      Episode 12 would be Shin-Getter and it wouldn’t surprise me at this point. Which player are you using?

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