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Yuusha Raideen 32

May 7, 2018

[mSubs] Yuusha Raideen 32 [770AE829].mkv_snapshot_14.14_[2018.05.07_17.14.11]

We felt so guilty about the delay on the last episode that we made sure the next one wouldn’t take as long, shame it’s a fairly generic ‘parents are coming to visit’ episode.


[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman 09

April 18, 2018

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 09 (Betamax rip) [4C6E8761].mkv_snapshot_18.43_[2018.04.18_22.49.15]

The end of this sub arc draws ever closer and we discover the connection between space dutchmen and the modern buffalo men.



Yuusha Raideen 31

April 15, 2018

Raideen 31_001_9079

Apologies for the delay, editor was tied up with his own projects.

This was a pretty stupid episode, Mari gets a new voice actress, and apparently a lobotomy to go with it.




[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman 08

February 28, 2018

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 08 (VHS rip) [6D753A52].mkv_snapshot_06.18_[2018.02.27_23.26.08]

The adventures of the Britannia continue and they actually explain how the heavy worlder dutchmen of the novels got adapted as buffalo men.


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Torrent (nyaa)
Torrent (Anidex)

Great Mazinger to be released on DVD by Discotek in March

January 14, 2018

As Great Mazinger is to be released by Discotek on DVD in March, I have taken down the DDLs and torrents for Great Mazinger. Thank you for your understanding.

Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes Our Ultraman!

December 18, 2017

[mSubs] Ultraman X The Movie (1080) [DBDFF24E].mkv_snapshot_00.51.46_[2017.12.18_19.21.47]

Yes I know this is from last year, took longer than expected to get source, learnt my lesson there. Will do the Ultraman Orb film next, just need to sort some other subbing committments over Christmas (yay for a week off work). Consider this your Christmas present because I’m not gonna have anything else done before Christmas.


SD Hardsub


Dancouga Burning Epilogue 03

December 3, 2017

[mSubs] Dancouga Burning Epilogue 03 [3D7C6CFD]_001_17925

This took slightly longer than expected, had to call in favours with a very busy person.
Episode 3 of Burning Epilogue, in which it gets worse and I do wonder why on Earth this got made. So have fun.

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Yuusha Raideen 30

October 23, 2017

Yuusha Raideen 30.mkv_snapshot_22.15_[2016.06.21_00.24.57]

Been a while, had a break between other things and figured I could knock out something simple and stupid.

I’m not sure whether to call this episode stupid or not, but it does make fun of how stupid the support robot is, though toy selling demands demand it stay. The angry mother nearly got written as a Northern Matriarch (aka with a Yorkshire accent).
Still not as bad as next episode. That one’s fun…

Will probably have some other stuff out first though.


[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman 01-07

October 15, 2017

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 07 (Betamax rip) [C44DC831].mkv_snapshot_00.01_[2017.10.11_23.30.39]

Been a while hasn’t it. Short version is Nanto decided he could improve the episodes we’d already released, so overhauls were in order. Also a less terrible source for episode 7 was found. Still recorded off the telly in the 80s but this time to betamax and slightly less generations of copying.

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Trivia: Episode 7 is the only episode that uses the original version of the opening sans sound effects, episodes 1-6 had it originally but used the 2nd version of the opening (that episodes 8 onwards use) for the LD release, which we used.


Dancouga Burning Epilogue 01-02

May 10, 2017

This makes the show look a lot more interesting than it actually is

It’s been a while hasn’t it. 6 years of avoiding working on this. So why’d I come back to it? Mix of reasons. First was it was a 4 day weekend and I needed to do something that wasn’t play the evil empire in Stellaris. The second is that someone actually made the effort to come into our IRC and ask for download links for episode 1 and was enthusiatic about the rest of the series. So I figured might as well finish this terrible OVA. Episode 2 isn’t as bad as I remember. Shame the episodes beyond it are worse.

The decision to do this in particular was actually made the day before Discotek announced they were licensing the TV series.

SDs are now out, torrent only though.

Translation has been cleaned up since last time, slight translation adjustments for continuity etc.

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01 DDL
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