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[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman 01-07

October 15, 2017

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 07 (Betamax rip) [C44DC831].mkv_snapshot_00.01_[2017.10.11_23.30.39]

Been a while hasn’t it. Short version is Nanto decided he could improve the episodes we’d already released, so overhauls were in order. Also a less terrible source for episode 7 was found. Still recorded off the telly in the 80s but this time to betamax and slightly less generations of copying.

Softsub torrent
Softsub DDLs

Hardsub torrent
Hardsub DDLs

Trivia: Episode 7 is the only episode that uses the original version of the opening sans sound effects, episodes 1-6 had it originally but used the 2nd version of the opening (that episodes 8 onwards use) for the LD release, which we used.


[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 06

September 9, 2016


Carrying on from last episode, Kim and Chris arrive on Dzoara, a planet of telekinetically powered ships and friendly people, and learn about a couple who were instrumental in fighting off the first Boskone invasion of the planet. And by this point we have completely gone away from the source books. At least the romance is better handled than in the books…

This was also the last episode that got any sort of home video or laserdisc release. From next episode onwards we’re dependant on Nanto’s hoard of multi-gen copies of VHS recorded off the telly. The next episode preview spliced into this episode is about as bad as it gets according to Nanto. I hope he’s right…


[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 05

August 5, 2016

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 05 [E2DC86E8].mkv_snapshot_20.25_[2016.08.05_17.13.06]

And now we’re on to episode 5 of this adaptation, and we’ve run out of book to adapt, well the final battle hasn’t but this is a 26 episode show…

This time we’re getting some backstory on the Galactic Patrol which differs from the description given in the prequel book First Lensman (which I do not recommend you read unless you like plots about industrial espionage facilitated by the protagonist having an identical double cousin). Also fun with hyperspace, which doesn’t exist as a concept in the book because it’s old enough that the idea of the speed of light being absolute hadn’t sunk in yet.

On the plus side the animation’s getting better so I suppose that’s something.




[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 04

July 17, 2016


Onto episode 4 of this travesty of an adaptation and the anime’s utter gutting of the book plot gives us this slightly weird episode. Romantic leads gotta meet somehow even if the reason for the main character being hospitalised and meeting his cute nurse is completely removed… On the other hand we do get a chance to try and work in one of the book’s favourite phrases…

So apart from my annoyed ranting, enjoy.



[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 03

June 23, 2016

A normal day on Trenco
Well here we are with episode 3, and we’ve gotten to adapting the Trenco arc of the book (badly). Trenco is probably the most famous planet in the books for its very weirdness; the description in the anime actually paraphrased the book description, so we were referencing that for the translation, hence the wordiness.




[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 2

May 7, 2016

[mSubs - TSHS] Lensman - Galactic Patrol (1984) episode 02 [D49779BB].mkv_snapshot_14.06_[2016.05.05_22.31.18]

Well here it is, episode 2 of Galactic Patrol Lensman, in which the anime does it own adaptation of the Velantia arc from the books (which the film did as well), but manages to someone cut out almost all of the good bits…




[/m/subs-TSHS] Lensman Movie V2 and Lensman TV Episode 1

April 16, 2016


V2 of the Lensman film with video and translation upgrades, now as a joint with The Skaro Hunting Society

Along with it we also have the bonus ‘Making of Lensman’ feature, for if you’ve ever wondered how 80s CG in anime was done. In the bonus collection we also have all the Lensman soundtracks you could think of (OST, drama album, audio dramas, and synthesiser remixes of the OST (because MartyMcFlies loves collecting these)), the Harmony gold dubs of both the film and a compilation film made of the TV series, a collection of trailers, music videos, toy commercials etc, as well as scans of pretty much anything Lensman related Nanto could find: from comic tieins to toy boxes to book covers. Some of the same goodies as last time, some new stuff.

But that’s not all, we also have the first episode of the TV series, which infamously only had 6 of its 26 episodes released on official VHS and LD, and never on DVD. (Big thanks for Nanto and his hoarding of obscure taped from TV stuff for raws).

Lensman DDLs

Film Torrent

TV series episode 1 torrent


SF Shinseiki Lensman

August 17, 2015

SF Shinseiki Lensman.avi_snapshot_00.02.21_[2015.08.15_21.33.53]

Side projects are fun. This is a subbed version of the 1984 Lensman film which did get a dubbed American release, but we don’t think there’s much of a subbed release out there.

As 80s sci-fi films go, it’s not bad, tad generic and Star Wars-influenced; but if you’ve read the Lensman book you’ll probably be going “that wasn’t in the book!” for the best part of 2 hours. Also some very early anime CG as shown in the screencap. The theme song is still the best part of it though. Starship, ride on with me~.


The torrent contains extra goodies such as the soundtrack, a synthesiser remix album of the soundtrack, some video clips about the CG, some of the commercials, music videos for the theme song, as well as scans of the tie-in comic, poster, boxes of the model kits and the covers of the novels.


Credits list is rather long due to the storied history of this project so it’s below the cut. Crowdsourcing is fun.