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Gridman 03

June 4, 2016


The first post gets a free pass for introducing the series, but from now on, I feel like I must use him for release post pics.




small pepper

Gridman 01-02

May 17, 2016


Hello, /m/subs, UKWindom here. You might know me as the admin of the forums, one of the translator for KITSubs, and I also helped a bit on Layzner and Dragonar.

So anyway, here’s a project of mine, Gridman. Some of you might recognize the localization under the title Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. It’s a silly tokusatsu show with great production values about our digital hero protecting the world of computers from a digital overlord and his horde of digital monstrosities, with the help of several kids that are pretty good with computers. Think something along the line of Megaman Battle Network series.

I worked on a script for the first episode four years ago, and when I decided to continue it again now that I’m done with most of my other projects, Champstice stepped in to help with timing, and also a commissioned translated script for 02. I gave that script a lookover and some fixing, decided that I might as well try release it myself, and here we are.

Other than Champstice on with timing, this mostly will be a personal project, and me working on this should have very little to no impact on other /m/subs (and KITSubs) project. And that means since I tend to be easily distracted by well, everything, updates and releases will be erratic, so you’ve been warned. Also expect rather barebones quality on QC/Typesetting. Help on those would be nice (starseeker already volunteered), but do note the irregular schedule.

Translator : UKWindom(01,minor fixes on 02), Champstice’s commissioned translator (most of 02)
Timer : UKWindom(01),Champstice(02)
Other things : mostly UKWindom
Thanks to starseeker for helping with the release