Gridman 01-02



Hello, /m/subs, UKWindom here. You might know me as the admin of the forums, one of the translator for KITSubs, and I also helped a bit on Layzner and Dragonar.

So anyway, here’s a project of mine, Gridman. Some of you might recognize the localization under the title Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. It’s a silly tokusatsu show with great production values about our digital hero protecting the world of computers from a digital overlord and his horde of digital monstrosities, with the help of several kids that are pretty good with computers. Think something along the line of Megaman Battle Network series.

I worked on a script for the first episode four years ago, and when I decided to continue it again now that I’m done with most of my other projects, Champstice stepped in to help with timing, and also a commissioned translated script for 02. I gave that script a lookover and some fixing, decided that I might as well try release it myself, and here we are.

Other than Champstice on with timing, this mostly will be a personal project, and me working on this should have very little to no impact on other /m/subs (and KITSubs) project. And that means since I tend to be easily distracted by well, everything, updates and releases will be erratic, so you’ve been warned. Also expect rather barebones quality on QC/Typesetting. Help on those would be nice (starseeker already volunteered), but do note the irregular schedule.

Translator : UKWindom(01,minor fixes on 02), Champstice’s commissioned translator (most of 02)
Timer : UKWindom(01),Champstice(02)
Other things : mostly UKWindom
Thanks to starseeker for helping with the release




16 Responses to “Gridman 01-02”

  1. Sazabi Says:

    Holy crap! Never expected this to be subbed, what with most people not caring about any toku other than Super Sentai. So thank you so much! I hope this project will be completed! You’re awesome!

  2. ChouRaven Says:

    Oh my god, I have been looking for a subbed version of this for forever. Thank you guys so much.

  3. IrocD Says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!!! Fkn awesome PLEASE finish this!!

  4. ajester Says:

    Thank you so much for translating this series. I’m enjoying it so far. Awesome work.

  5. JD Says:

    Thank You!

  6. guyferdGuyferd Says:

    Well, I just loved your intention to continue with Gridman. I personally like this show, but since I dont know Japs, I was expecting someone to release it.

    So, from me, thank you!

  7. Zer-00 Says:

    I was really surprised to see this, out of all the ultraman series this was one I wanted to see most, any chance though you’ll release a hard sub mp4 rip at all or not? reason why I ask is because MKV files tend to not want to show the subs when I stream them to my PS3

  8. Toku Fan Says:

    Wow,That was just outstanding,I’m truly glad for seeing these getting after all of these years,thanks for subbing these amazing series!

  9. Toku Fan Says:

    sorry I just meant *getting subbed*

  10. Nanto Says:

    Hot damn! Great to finally see this subtitled after all these years, massive thanks to everyone involved!

    Also kudos to BunnyHatRaws for encoding these at 60fps, and to you guys for choosing to use the 60fps encodes. Shows shot on video look much better this way.

  11. seiya Says:

    Why did they stop the project?

  12. frankrx2 Says:

    Keep it up man! 😀

  13. ed Says:

    do you have any other video even the raw ones?

  14. Shahrul Alif Says:

    please, finish this very holy series rather than making just 3 episodes and start focusing on useless anime.

  15. Sexy Says:


    Gridman 01-02 | /m/subs

  16. Dildo Says:


    Gridman 01-02 | /m/subs

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