Great Mazinger 22


Great Mazinger

Well that was only a 5 year break…

sasword wanted to get back to this so here we are.




LQ (hardsubbed)




13 Responses to “Great Mazinger 22”

  1. tormentorx613 Says:

    Oh my god! Thanks a lot!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yessssssssssssssss I was waiting so long for this!! Thank You!!!!

  3. Johnny Says:

    Really, it’s such great news! I hope you can keep the rhythm (all the more japanese subs are available)!

  4. Titopsycho Says:

    Aww the other epsiodes 1-21 need seeds!

  5. Titopsycho Says:

    Nevermind found the 1-21 batch torrent . Thank You !

  6. Johnny Says:

    I’ll seed first 21 episodes in a few hours.

  7. Tokufantsu Says:


  8. t411 fan Says:

    Lol I was doing my own subs from Japanese to English to French… I have all the episodes in spanish/japanese and I was lucky enough to find the ass files for episodes 1 to 21. I guess I will just redownload you episodes since the raw subs are not available separately.

    Thanks 🙂 It helps me a lot when I do the French version 🙂

  9. Enrique Rangel (@kikerangel) Says:

    Holy Shit!!! I can’t believe this project is back! thanks a lot guys! Discotek guys are deaf and never picked this up, thank you thank you! please finish it this time we are counting on you!

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