[/m/subs-Caffin] Getter Robo 1-34 batch.


chibi getter wallpaper

To get people back up to date.
/m/subs: 1, 4-18, 34
Hero-Legends: 2,3
Caffin: 19-33



5 Responses to “[/m/subs-Caffin] Getter Robo 1-34 batch.”

  1. Getta Robo Says:

    Kudos friends!

  2. kuro Says:

    many thanks for the subs!

  3. scapman Says:

    Hi I mentioned this just now on the nyaa site, but said:
    Thanks for the upload. I did notice that episodes 19-26 are sped up. Some have the original frame rate of 23.979 but Frame rate mode is set to 25, causing it to speed up slightly. Ep 26 doesn’t have the original 23.979 frame rate and only has 25.

  4. undertaker badass Says:

    is possible the files in mp4 ?

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