Gaiking DVD fix episode 02


Courtesy of the Gaiking LoDM sub fix project guys here is episode 2 for all of you that want to see this with less QUALITY and not TV-Nihon subs.

02 MKV
02 RAW
02 SUB


9 Responses to “Gaiking DVD fix episode 02”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks starseeker

    Is there any news about this project ?!

  2. 6ctcel Says:

    Just wondering if you guys will sub the insert songs like the full version of the op in ep 13 (I think its daiya and nouza’s rematch) and the Gaiking the Great theme?

  3. mazin Says:

    starseeker you amazing

    Please i am Waiting ep3

    thanks very very thanks

  4. mazin Says:

    very thanks ^_^

  5. kudosforce Says:

    I sincerely hope that you guys will eventually get around to continue subbing this series, one day. From what I’ve heard,’s subtitles are pretty bad.

    Sally forth and pull on through with the other series in the meantime! ^_^ d

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