Layzner 21


After too fucking long and too many bloody things going wrong, here is episode 21 of Layzner, episode 22 will take substantially less long to complete short of nuclear war breaking out.




34 Responses to “Layzner 21”

  1. Zero Says:

    Big to you thanks that don’t throw. And we can make the on the basis of your transfer. 🙂

  2. zhuzhu Says:

    Can someone post the XVID version DDL please. Thanks in advance

  3. sasword Says:

    someone else upload it, my internet is fuck slow.

  4. Jacopo Says:

    Finally back, instant download! XD

    Thank you so much!

  5. Arvin Says:

    Layzner is back, thanks !

  6. Bloodsack Says:

    Oh yeah…it’s here. Thanks

  7. Nanto Says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, thanks to all involved.

  8. New DCD Says:

    So just yesterday I found out you guys were subbing Layzner.

    And today, this is released.

    Godspeed, my co/m/padres.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this Layzner episode.

    Anyway, I heard you want to know what to sub next on /m/. Someone mentioned Govarian, and I actually want to see that series subbed as well, at least one episode of it.

    You see, Govarian isn’t really super. Sure it has aliens coming to earth because of lack of resources on their home planet, but the feel of the show is very much like a real robot one maybe except for the perverted humor thrown at times.

    The series has some history as it was Go Nagai’s attempt to catch up with the real robot boom, but the show unfortunately sank like a stone, leaving a bit of a following only in South Korea. One of the major reasons could be that it was animated by Knack, the studio that Go Nagai worked with after his quarrels with Toei over Gaiking. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good animation studio. They still seem to exist under a different name today, and doesn’t seem to animate anymore. Anyway the second reason was Knack’s request to use Mazinger’s head for Govarian. We all know how that turned out.

    Long story short, bad animation, great ost, and interesting psychic powers. Apparently, there are some good quality raws on Open Nap, better than the other ones available via direct links.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, I take back what I said about the series being super. It’s more like a hybrid. The show does tend to take itself seriously. There is a major character death, and there’s one brutal scene that reminded me of ideon, where a kid gets squashed by a giant mecha in front of his mother.

    • Ryvius Says:

      I’d say Dancougar is kind of a hybrid, maybe something like that? Sounds cool, for now though let’s wait to see some current projects finish!

    • starseeker Says:

      I think we need to finish Layzner first before we even begin to think of what to sub next. I’ve actually seen a third or so of Govarian, the translating logistics of it are very different to Layzner.

      • Pyoro Says:

        Does “different” mean “easier” by any chance?

        Also I’m amazed that anybody else cares about the machinegun-wielding red Mazinger as well.

        The only thing I really know about it is its cameo in the Mazinkaiser promos.

        • starseeker Says:

          Different sort of issues, mainly making out what’s being said. Layzner at least has fairly clear dialogue (except Phoron and Rei) which can usually be solved by throwing a dictionary at it until it submits. Govarian has simpler dialogue but it’s a lot less clear.

  11. Nanto Says:

    You do NOT want to know how many years I have been waiting for an English translation of Eiji’s argument with that freaking computer! Great episode, thanks again, guys.

  12. Pyoro Says:

    I checked this on a cynical whim and HELL YEAH, LAYZNER 22!

    You guys are /m/en among /m/en.

    That picture is cool too, where’d you get it?

  13. Jacopo Says:

    Now I personally only want Layzner to be done XD
    Anyway, if I can give you a hint for the future, what do you think about the conclusive Dancougar oav series Blazing Epilogue? Only four episodes and no one translated them yet 🙂

  14. Just a normal-regular-translator serbian faggot... Says:

    Hell yeah! Anyone know what the Layzner OVA is about? I have it, but i don’t dare look at it.

    • starseeker Says:

      It’s a summary of the series, the 3rd one has the planned ending for the series as it was cut short due to a sponsor pulling out.

    • Nanto Says:

      Yeah, the final episode of Layzner is a bit of a mess, due to the sponsor pulling out there’s clearly about four episodes worth of story skipped between episodes 37 and 38, and the ending is sort of left up in the air.

      OVA 1 is a recap of the first story arc, OVA 2 is a recap of the second story arc and OVA 3 is an expanded finale with new animation that fills in some of the missing story material and gives the story a more definitive ending.

      • starseeker Says:

        I believe Blue Fixer plan to sub the OVAs at some point.

        • Nanto Says:

          Very cool, I look forward to seeing Blue Fixer’s subtitle of the Layzner OVAs eventually.

          Of course we’ll still never know how the cliffhanger ending of episode 37 was resolved…even OVA #3 doesn’t reveal what happened!

  15. regan strongblood Says:

    Please never give up on Layzner, I hope you complete this show.
    Much thanks for all your work msubs rule!

  16. Lardons Says:

    I knew if I kept checking, it’d appear one day,


  17. Pyoro Says:

    I happened upon this during my travels and figured I’d share it with you all:

    It has, among other things, scans of the artbooks that came with the DVD boxset.

  18. zak Says:

    Finally! It’s been worth the wait! Thanks

  19. Pyoro Says:

    DDL for XviD is up:

  20. KingOfKings234 Says:

    I was wondering if you are going to sub the ova layzner also thanks for subing it

  21. Jack Says:

    “episode 22 will take substantially less long to complete short of nuclear war breaking out.”

    After 3 months there is still no episode 22 lol

    • starseeker Says:

      Does Fukushima count lol? I kid, I kid. Currently chasing up quality checker #2 for a release in the next day or so.

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