L-Gaim episode 39


This episode is very much one of those “this is the best plan ever” type episodes. Though the character animation seemed a bit off this episode, not sure if it’s just me though.

Also, 2nd anniversary for the founding of /m/subs woo.

Anyways, enjoy the episode. For those of you waiting on Layzner, 22 is in final checking, 23 is timed but needs checking, and 24 needs timing. I love having a new productive translator for that. Think there’ll be a Great Mazinger ep out soon as well.


Edit: The DDL uses the wrong filename because I wasn’t paying attention whilst uploading and MUs duplicate detection systems won’t let me fix it. Correct filename is: [mSubs] Heavy Metal L-Gaim 39 [701DD8B0].mkv


11 Responses to “L-Gaim episode 39”

  1. IKnight Says:

    Grats on the anniversary (and thanks for your work, as always).

  2. Rob Says:

    Two years already? Time flies. Congrats!

    Hope you guys stay a lot more years around.

    And thanks for L-Gaim, it’s getting good.


  3. Pyoro Says:

    Big ups for the Layzner news: once 24 is done, I reckon you guys could take a well-deserved break from it to focus on other projects.

    Also it allows you to TROLL us with a massive cliffhanger. 😉

    Will you be doing the Layzner OVAs as well? Sorry if already asked.

  4. WILLIAMS Says:

    Thanks for hard job to me l-gaim one of the best series after z gundam, and finally, I watched the last episode of daitarn3 and I have to say that commander of episode 18 was more powerful than donzaucer at least number special break daitarn’s leg while don was very weak and burst quickly.

  5. Ryvius Says:

    Screencap looks like Ideon at a quick glance, lol.

  6. Zach Says:

    Please give the new TL for Layzner a huge thanks. And to yourselves for L-Gaim and everything else!

  7. Just a normal-regular-translator serbian faggot... Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Daley Says:

    The MU direct download link for this episode isn’t working. The torrent file appears not to be out of seeders. There is also a seeding issue with episodes 36, 38, & 40. I was able to get those episodes using the direct download and am re-seeding them, but I only have part of Episode 39 from the torrent. Can you re-post the MU link or re-seed the file? Thanks!

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